100 Years of Daily Innovation

Originally established in Hamburg, Germany, in 1899 by Oscar Ringe, the company initially specialized in the production of bacterial cultures for the dairy industry. Soon thereafter, the company started to market natural food colourings, which were at first used exclusively in dairy products. Today, Ringe+Kuhlmann produces food colourings for a virtually unlimited range of products.

Over the decades, Ringe+Kuhlmann – which is still a completely independent company – has grown to become an industry leader in the production and distribution of natural, nature-identical and synthetic food colourings.

Today, customers in more than 30 countries throughout the world have come to rely on the experience and expertise, capacity for innovation and service of Ringe+Kuhlmann. Day in, day out, Ringe+Kuhlmann creates innovative, new colour compositions tailored to the products of the company’s customers worldwide.