Finding trends

To ensure our clients can ‘catch’, determine, and define the colours they need to develop their new products – whether at the point of sale, in nature, or in the laboratory – we have developed a colour guide app that works perfectly on any smartphone. The app is called ‘Scan&Match’ and uses the camera system of smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems. More...

The Scan&Match app from Ringe+Kuhlmann enables you to scan colours in a unique manner and thus either select the best match from the ERKA standard colours or have Ringe+Kuhlmann create a 1:1 sample colour. Using the app, the smartphone camera acts as a scanner and recognises up to 16 mill. colours.

The time and effort required to request a sample are significantly reduced thanks to the Scan&Match app as the selected colour can be sent directly to Ringe+Kuhlmann along with all necessary details. Requests for samples are normally answered within 24 hours.

You can find Ringe+Kuhlmann’s free Scan&Match app here.