Developing unique colours

Our team is constantly developing colour compositions for the new products of our clients. These compositions satisfy the variety of different requirements for sweets, dairy products, baked goods, beverages, ice cream, cereal, and food of every kind.

Of course, we also have our own developmental laboratory staffed with committed and knowledgeable employees. More...

It’s only natural to ask what exactly a unique colour is. After all, nature has an infinite number of colours at its disposal. Unique colours from Ringe+Kuhlmann are always developed and tailor-made specifically for the products of our clients and the individual production processes.

Our colour is either based on the 135 standardised colours of the ERKA colour guide or clients can ‘match’ a colour, e.g. using the Ringe+Kuhlmann app, to satisfy the requirements and demands of their market.

Ringe+Kuhlmann will then provide the client with a sample. Once the client tests this sample, a unique colour is generated for the specific product.