Complex requirements

We eat with our eyes. Food colourings are therefore essential for food, baked goods, dairy products, ice cream, cereal, and beverages. Not only must the colours be perfectly coordinated with the industrial processes but also with the individual requirements of international markets. In addition to colour formulas based on natural raw materials, we also produce nature-identical food colouring for our clients in accordance with the corresponding regulations More...

as well as synthetic colourings. We take pains to ensure compliance with statutory guidelines and food safety standards.

There is an increasing demand for plant-based colours for manufacturing vegan products as well as colours that do not contain palm oil.

Natural food colourings from Ringe+Kuhlmann generally comply with Islamic law for permitted ingredients (halal). Upon request, we can send you the corresponding certificates.

Ringe+Kuhlmann also offer food colourings that are made in accordance with the Jewish dietary regulations and is correspondingly certified (kaschrut/kosher).

In addition to fulfilling individual national or regional standards, we aim to satisfy the exact requirements for each final product. Ringe+Kuhlmann’s experience from over 100 years of operation is often decisive for developing excellent solutions for specific products and their production processes.