Well thought out

When it comes to food colouring, our clients need an individual solution for each of their products. The better our colour developers are familiar with the production processes of the final product, its packaging, and delivery chain, the better they can determine how to produce and deliver the food colourings, especially natural food colourings. More...

Depending on the requirements of the production process, Ringe+Kuhlmann deliver food colourings in various forms, such as liquids, compounds, emulsions, or spray-dried powders.

At the same time, our specialists can design colours to withstand heating and cooling processes during production, various mixing processes, drying and cooling phases, and different pressure ratios.

How the final product is packaged and distributed and how long the average shelf life should be are also important factors for the colour composition.

Ringe+Kuhlmann rely on proven distributors and offer reusable containers in standardised shapes and sizes for international logistics.